DIY Heart Garland

Hi Deerest Friends,

So it’s the week of Valentine’s Day and that means all of a sudden hearts are everywhere.  Now despite being in a relationship I actually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s not my kind of thing but you don’t need to be in a relationship or even celebrate Valentine’s Day to bring a little love into your house. Today’s DIY tutorial is a really easy heart garland that is so simple to make and can be varied in a number of ways to suit any house or any occasion.

So Let’s Get Started

You Will Need
-A selection of paint swatches
– A Large shaped hole-punch (You could cut shapes out with scissors if you didn’t want to find/buy a hole punch)
– Thread (I used white as to not compete with the coloured hearts but use whatever colour you’d like)
– Needle (nothing too thick)

Firstly, go to your local hardware store or paint store and grab a heap of paint swatches. These can be in whatever colour/s you like.

Step 1

Using a large heart hole-punch (or scissors), cut hearts out of your swatches. Depending on how big your swatch is you may be able to cut more than one heart out of each swatch (for example, I could cut three hearts out of each swatch)

Step 2

Step 2

Using a needle poke two holes into each heart. You want this to be spaced evenly and consistently, for all the hearts, so you can judge it by eye or you could use a ruler if needed.

Step 3

Measure out how much thread you need. There is no standard amount as it depends on how big you want your garland to be. I wanted to hang my garland along my bookcase so I measured my thread against that and added a few centimetres either side so the garland would hang nicely.

Step 4

Now thread your needle. Using your needle, sew into the first hole and out of the second hole. This way the majority of thread will be behind the heart and only small bit will be visible on the edges of each heart. Repeat this until all your hearts are on the thread. Once you’ve sewn through all your hearts tie a knot a few centimetres in on both ends of the thread, to avoid the paper hearts falling off.

Finally, hang your heart garland wherever you like and move your hearts on the thread until they are spaced evenly.

Step 6

And You’re Done!

DIY Heart Garland This project is so simple and because most of your materials are either lying around the house or free, it may not cost you anything. Because you could recreate this DIY tutorial using whatever colours or shapes you like, this is a very versatile project. As a result, this garland can be used for a multitude of occasions. You could make these for a baby shower (in pink or blue, maybe), these could be created for a wedding or an engagement party or these could be made for a birthday party (using a number shape for your new age). Also, as most hole-punches have no exposed sharp components, this is a great activity for young children on a rainy day!

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know :)


Peppermint Magazine {Review}

Hi Deerest Friends,

I love DIY (obviously) and so I’m guessing that many of you who follow me or come check this blog out most likely enjoy craft, art, design and DIY as well. I don’t often post reviews on this blog as I try to keep it all DIY, all the time. However, recently I discovered a fantastic magazine and I feel it’s only fair if I spread the word to all my deer friends.

Peppermint Magazine is an Australian quarterly, which focuses on fashion and lifestyle.

Doesn’t sound very different from Cosmo or Instyle?
Well, Just You Wait!

The magazine’s tagline; “Style, Sustainability, Substance” acts as their mantra, defining every aspect of their work. This magazine focuses on living in an environmentally responsible way, from the food you eat, the clothes you buy and to the places you go. Now being totally stylish while remaining passionately committed to the environment is not an easy task… but the team at Peppermint show us how it’s done!

Peppermint's Current Issue

Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint Magazine

So here are 7 reasons why is absolutely adore Peppermint;

1. It Showcases the Work of Local Artists and Designers.
When reading most fashion magazines your almost guaranteed that most of the clothing/accessories are made in third-world countries in very shady conditions. Not Peppermint, though. All the fashion featured in Peppermint is lovingly created by Australian artists and designers who use methods and materials that are kind to the Earth. And woah… do these Aussie kids have talent!

2. It’s Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible.
Peppermint Magazine is a 100% Carbon Neutral publication… but that is just the tip of the eco-friendly iceberg. All the fashion, beauty products and food listed are environmentally sustainable and all the writers have the environment firmly in their agenda. Every single thing in this magazine has been crafted/designed/written with Mother Nature in mind.

3. It’s a Breath of Fresh Air.
This magazine is truly unique. I really have never read anything like it and I enjoyed it immensely.

4. It’s Stylish. 
Just because it’s sustainable doesn’t mean they skimped on the fashion. Peppermint boasts a mountain of fresh, stylish looks that are lovingly created by small-time designers, artists and artisans. Reading through only one issue I found myself flagging almost every page… Time to save my pennies!

5. It’s Smart.
Sick of hearing which starlet is going to jail now? Tired of hearing which celebrity got married on Tuesday and divorced on Wednesday? Let’s face it, many magazines have about as much substance as an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. However, after reading one issue of Peppermint, I had met an incredible documentarian who volunteered with Indian orphans, learned how to make organic ice-blocks, how to grow my own veggie garden, the buzz on keeping honey bees (pardon the pun) as well as discovering several local artists and learning about their work. Far more interesting than the Kardashians!

6. It’s all about Creativity.
Along with featuring many incredible artists and designers whose work will get you creative juices flowing, Peppermint encourages you to get creative too and maybe even learn some new skills. The section “Sewing School” gives readers a new pattern every month, that can be accessed on their website (click the link above). As a DIY-er, I will definitely be trying these funky designs out for myself.

7. It Focuses on Health and Wellbeing. 
Let’s face it… Fashion magazines don’t have the best reputation for promoting positive self-esteem. Between the highly processed beauty ads, the articles on the latest fad diet (cabbage soup anyone?) and the pictures of itsy-bitsy models who may as well be allergic to food, many women are left feeling that they will never measure up. When reading Peppermint, I never saw an airbrushed face or an article focused on physical beauty. Many of the models appeared to be real, imperfectly perfect women and the focus appeared to be on inner beauty, health and happiness. What’s not to love!

So if you ever get the chance to check Peppermint out, either on their website or their published magazines, I definitely recommend it! I really enjoyed this magazine and I think many of you will too!

Love Dorothy XOXO

*NOTE: Not Sponsored… All the opinions about this amazing magazine are solely mine.

DIY Donut Pin Cushion

Hi Deerest Friends,

So as a proud DIY-er I’m always sewing different projects and that also means that I’m always using lots of pins. I have a love hate relationship with pins.  Of course they make sewing easier but I’m constantly dropping them on the carpet (which are never to be found again), accidently stepping on them and sucking them up my poor vacuum cleaner. So one day I realised that maybe a pin cushion would make my life easier. I wanted one that was unique and of course one that I could make myself so I came up with this really fun donut design. Every DIY enthusiast needs a great pin cushion and this DIY pin cushion is easy to make, cute and really handy for any crafty person.

So Let’s Get Started 

You Will Need
– 2 Pieces of Brown Felt
– 1 Piece of Pink Felt (This is imitating the icing of a strawberry donut but you could use another colour such as dark brown for chocolate)
– Lot of Different Thread (You need one colour to match your brown donut felt, one colour to match your icing and a bunch of rainbow colours to make the sprinkles)
– Two Donut/ Wreath Shape Templates of exactly the same size (I drew some on template paper using a plate and a glass to trace around)
– Chalk or a Dressmakers Pencil
– Craft Stuffing
– Pins

Firstly, lay your brown felt on a flat surface and pin you donut templates onto the felt.

Use chalk or a dressmakers pencil to outline the template. One you’ve drawn the outline remove your template and pins. Then using sharp scissors cut around your chalk/ pencil outline until your left with two donut-shaped pieces of felt.

Using a blanket stitch, sew around the inner circle of the felt and then sew around three quarters of the outside (don’t cut and tie off your thread and needle yet… just leave it hanging).

Start stuffing your donut evenly throughout. You might need a something to help push the stuffing through (e.g. the end of a wooden spoon). Once you’ve stuffed your pincushion, finish sewing the outside seam using your thread and needle from earlier

Now for the icing. Take a donut paper template from earlier and cut wavy shapes into the outside circle and make the inner circle larger. Once you’ve cut it down pin the template to the pink felt

Using chalk or a dressmaker’s pencil, draw an outline around the template. Once you’ve drawn the outline remove the pins and the template. Using the outline cut out the wavy donut shape from the pink felt

Now to create the sprinkles, sew short thick lines all around the icing in lots of different colours. If sewing the individual sprinkles is a bit too much effort gluing on beads or sequins looks really great as well

Using a basic running stitch (with the same colour thread as your icing) sew the inside and outside edges of your icing felt to the top side of the pincushion. When sewing make you’re your needle is only going through the middle and not through the bottom of the donut. Alternatively, you could use craft glue or a hot glue gun during this step.

And You’re Done!

Although that sounded like a lot of steps and information this pincushion is quite easy to make and is a great first project for someone learning to sew as it involves no machines, teaches two basic stitches and leaves them with a cute pin cushion which will be useful for all their future sewing projects.

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know 🙂

Thanks guys!