DIY Coat Hanger Jewellery Display

Hi Deerest Friends,

I like all jewellery but I really love necklaces! I don’t always wear statement earrings and I don’t always wear bracelets but it is rare for me to go out without a necklace. Whether it’s an intricate statement piece or a simple chain, necklaces have the amazing ability to dress up any boring outfit. But with my love of necklaces came a huge necklace collection and with that huge necklace collection came a problem of MASSIVE proportions. Storing your necklaces by simply chucking them together in a drawer (yes I know… it’s an utter sin!) causes them to get really, really, REALLY tangled! And anyone who’s ever had to un-tangle a ball of tangled necklaces knows that it is a truly painful experience that makes you feel like you can’t go on. So after the fourth hour of untangling (not over exaggerating at all) I decided enough is enough! From that point I started storing my necklaces in fishing tackle boxes. Not very glamorous I know, but each necklace has it’s own little compartment so it stops all your necklaces getting tangled up. Also the tackle boxes are pretty cheap and easy to find. However, I suddenly realised that I have some really beautiful jewellery pieces and I’m hiding them away in my wardrobe. Today’s DIY tutorial is inspired by a tutorial originally featured on I SPY DIY (one of my favourite DIY blogs… please check it out if you haven’t yet). I love this idea and I really needed a way to both store and display my favourite jewellery pieces and so I though I’d share this idea with you while also showing you the way I made this jewellery hanger my own.

So Let’s Get Started 

You Will Need
– A Wooden Coat Hanger
– Eye Hooks (you can often find these in a picture hanging kit)
– Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint (in the colour of your choice)
– Sandpaper
– Measuring Tape/ Ruler
– Pencil
– Paint Brush (if your using acrylic paint)
– Masking Tape (optional)

Firstly, give your wooden hanger a quick sand using your sandpaper. If your wooden hanger has a gloss coating you really need to sand it back before you paint.

Now measure the part of your hanger that you will be screwing the eye hooks into

Use a pencil to lightly mark the centre of your hanger. One you’ve marked the centre; mark the rest of the hanger in 2-3 centimetre increments. This makes sure that your jewellery is displayed evenly and the hanger will hang on the wall straight

Screw in your eye hooks where you have previously marked. At first screwing the hooks into the hanger by hand can be a bit difficult so use a small nail and a hammer where your going to insert the eye hook just to get the hole started

Start painting your coat hanger using whatever colour you like. I used a peachy/ coral coloured acrylic paint for the base and then used white spray paint lightly over the top. Allow your hanger plenty of time to dry.

And You’re Done!

This jewellery display is really easy to make and it looks great on your wall. You could stop at the final step of this tutorial or you can add some individual details to your hanger display. I used a white ribbon to tie a bow around the top of the hanger and I used jewellery wire that I spray painted white to write the word ‘Jewels’, which I then attached to the top part of my hanger using a hot glue gun. Finally, to give the jewellery display a vintage look I gently sanded a few parts of the hanger so the peach paint would show through again. You could decorate your jewellery hanger using beads, you could use different paint colours to create a pattern or you could wrap your hanger using ribbon or fabric… just use your imagination and creativity.

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know 🙂

Thanks guys!