Fiji Craft Adventures

Hi Deerest friends,

When some people go on holiday they relax by the pool, when some people go on holidays they do activities such as hiking, fishing or surfing and when some people go on holiday they may even go shopping… but when Dorothy Deerest goes travelling, She Gets Crafty!

In my last post I mentioned I’ve just spent a week on Denarau Island in Fiji. I had the best time there (including a bit of shopping, kayaking, swimming and relaxing by the pool) but I also took part in some crafty activities.

Fiji has an amazing culture and crafts/DIY-ing are an important part of this. Whether its cooking their amazing meals from scratch, weaving baskets from dried leaves, wood carving, using shells and pearls for jewellery or creating cosmetics from natural produce, such as cane sugar and coconut oils, Fiji has a proud DIY heritage. Many of these skills are passed down from ancient times and shared through families.

During my trip I tried my hand at bracelet weaving. Using strips of dried leaves and being led by a very helpful Fijian; “Tiger”, I weaved the strands together creating a really intricate “checkerboard” pattern. It looks complicated but it was easy and a lot of fun.

Tiger Cutting Strips of Dried Leaves

Weaving The Bracelet

Our Finished Bracelets

Hand-Woven Bracelets From Fiji

If you ever visit another country I really recommend doing a native craft class, if you can. It’s really interesting, gives you a greater insight into their cultural practices, allows you to meet some new people and you get to keep a great souvenir that you made yourself!

Love Dorothy XOXO