DIY Inspiration Board {With Google Picasa}

Hi Deerest Friends,

So it’s New Years Eve here and I’ve spent the past few days thinking about what I want to achieve in the New Year. Every year we all have our New Years Resolutions;

“I want to quit smoking”

“I want to save money”

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to get better grades in school”

“I want to make more time for myself”

but we’ve all usually broken them within a week. I am definitely no exception. I start every year with drive and enthusiasm to reach my goal but as time passes on you realise a year is long time to keep up with your newfound motivation. So today’s DIY tutorial is how to create an Inspiration Board using Google Picasa. You simply put pictures on your board of what you want to achieve in the New Year and how you plan to accomplish your goals. By visualising your goals every day this reminds you what your reaching for, how you will accomplish your goals and how great it will feel when you do. For example, my new years resolution is to be healthier and to workout more so I’m creating an inspiration board that reflects this.
*Note: Always aim for a goal this is attainable. Most New Year’s resolutions fail because we put too much pressure on ourselves and aim for a goal that may be too hard to achieve.

Remember: Starting small can lead to big things!

So Let’s Get Started!

You Will Need
-A Computer (with an internet connection)
-Google Picasa (This is free and really simple to download)

Start by using Google Images to find pictures that are relevant to your goal. For example, I found pictures of healthy food, motivational quotes, exercises and my fitness idols to add to my board. Save all of these images to your desktop. You can remove these later.

Step 1

Access the Google Picasa homepage and download a free copy of Google Picasa.

Step 2

Step 2

Once you’ve downloaded Google Picasa add your photos to a new folder. I called mine “Inspiration Board”

 Step 3

 Now select the button “Create Collage”. This will automatically take all your photos and organise them into a collage.

Step 4

Using the toolbar on the left side of the screen you can change the style of you collage.

Step 5

Step 5

Select the style you want your collage to be presented in. I chose the “Mosaic” style.

Once you’ve created your collage, you can make it your computer’s desktop background (if you want to display your inspiration board in a different way skip these steps). Press the “Desktop Background” button and this will save your collage as a jPG file in a new folder, “Collages”.

Step 7

Step 7

Now select your collage and click on the “Create” tab on the top toolbar. Select “Set as Desktop”.

Step 8

When the confirmation message pops up, click “Set Desktop”

Step 9

And You’re Done!

DIY Inspiration Board {With Google Picasa}

This tutorial shows you how to make this inspiration board your desktop background so if you use your computer lots (like me) it reminds you everyday what your aiming for but you could easily print this out and stick it up in your bedroom like a poster. Now you have a inspiration board that makes your goals seem tangible, keeps you focused and reminds you what you’re striving for. Visualising your goal everyday makes you feel accountable and will hopefully keep you motivated in the year to come! 

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know 🙂

Thanks guys and Happy New Year!


Dorothy Goes Global!

Hi Deerest Friends,

It has been just over a month since I started this blog and I am really enjoying getting crafty on a regular basis and sharing it with the world… And I mean the world! I can’t believe how many people have found my little blog from all around the globe.

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my posts as much as I have enjoyed making them!

So after a few days of trying to figure it all out, Dorothy Deerest has taken over the internet (well… not really)!

You can now find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as “dorothydeerest”!

So if you enjoy this blog, you want to see upcoming posts and projects or you have a blog that is similar (I’d love to see your work!) click the links above and join me.

Thanks again 🙂

Love Dorothy XOXO