DIY “Fruit Salad” Cocktail

Hi Deerest Friends,

Next week I’m off to the beach camping with a big group of friends. I can’t wait for a week of relaxing in the sun, playing cricket on the beach and having a drink or two (or three or four) with friends. Today’s tutorial is my take on the traditional fruit punch, combined with the icy refreshment of a Slurpee This is the ultimate summer drink and it is so delicious. I can’t stand cocktail recipes when you have to go out and buy a heap of obscure alcohols that are impossible to find and that you’ll never use again. This recipe uses only Bacardi Rum but it is very versatile so you could use vodka, tequila or even champagne as an alternative.

So Let’s Get Started!

You Will Need
-A Blender
-Watermelon (This is cut into cubes and frozen overnight)
-Orange & Mango Juice, chilled (This could also be an orange & mango flavoured mineral water)
-2 shots of Bacardi Rum, per person (I like this quite strong but use one shot per person if desired)
-Crushed Ice
-Margarita Glasses
-Slices of Pineapple, to garnish
-Swizzle Sticks, Umbrellas and Straws, to garnish

Take your watermelon cubes and place them in the blender along with some ice. Blend until it creates a pureed, Slurpee-like consistency.

Step 1

Pour in your Bacardi (or alternative) and add your orange & mango juice/mineral water. Blend on low speed until combined.

Step 2

Pour into a margarita glass and add a wedge of pineapple to the rim of the glass. Decorate with a swizzle stick, umbrella and a straw.

And You’re Done!

DIY "Fruit Salad" Cocktail

This drink is so yummy and it might even be all you want to drink in summer. I like to also add a little cocktail umbrella and a swizzle stick because I can’t resist anything kitsch and it makes me feel like I’m on a cruise in the Caribbean or something equally as glamorous. This is definitely what I’ll be drinking at the beach. This drink is very versatile and it can also be made into a refreshing mocktail if you don’t drink or if you want to use this for a kid’s party… Just hold the alcohol.

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know 🙂

Thanks guys!