Fiji Craft Adventures

Hi Deerest friends,

When some people go on holiday they relax by the pool, when some people go on holidays they do activities such as hiking, fishing or surfing and when some people go on holiday they may even go shopping… but when Dorothy Deerest goes travelling, She Gets Crafty!

In my last post I mentioned I’ve just spent a week on Denarau Island in Fiji. I had the best time there (including a bit of shopping, kayaking, swimming and relaxing by the pool) but I also took part in some crafty activities.

Fiji has an amazing culture and crafts/DIY-ing are an important part of this. Whether its cooking their amazing meals from scratch, weaving baskets from dried leaves, wood carving, using shells and pearls for jewellery or creating cosmetics from natural produce, such as cane sugar and coconut oils, Fiji has a proud DIY heritage. Many of these skills are passed down from ancient times and shared through families.

During my trip I tried my hand at bracelet weaving. Using strips of dried leaves and being led by a very helpful Fijian; “Tiger”, I weaved the strands together creating a really intricate “checkerboard” pattern. It looks complicated but it was easy and a lot of fun.

Tiger Cutting Strips of Dried Leaves

Weaving The Bracelet

Our Finished Bracelets

Hand-Woven Bracelets From Fiji

If you ever visit another country I really recommend doing a native craft class, if you can. It’s really interesting, gives you a greater insight into their cultural practices, allows you to meet some new people and you get to keep a great souvenir that you made yourself!

Love Dorothy XOXO


Dorothy Takes Fiji!

Hi Deerest Friends,

So just a casual statement here… I’m off to Fiji today! I am currently sitting in the airport and I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Where I'm Staying In Fiji!

Usually I post my new DIY Tutorials every Monday and Friday, but due to the fact that I will not be taking my computer and I was far too disorganised to create some new tutorials and schedule them, my next DIY will be on the 18th of January.

But during that gap I have scheduled some new pages; such as a conversion chart for my projects if your in a country that doesn’t use the Metric system, a bit more information about myself (not Dorothy), all the ways you can stay in touch with this blog if you so desire and updating my “About Me” page.

So that’s it from me until the 18th, stay safe and if you’ve ever been to Fiji before comment below and let me know what you thought of it, where you went, what you did and any other tips you may have for me.

Thanks guys!

Love Dorothy XOXO

DIY Closet Edit

Hi Deerest Friends,

If your anything like me, every time a brand new year rolls around you feel the need to revaluate your life and consider the things you might want to change. This usually goes hand in hand with some form of a resolution. Well sometimes to have a fresh start you need to de-clutter your life and in today’s tutorial, I’m going to break from my usual format and give my tips and tricks on how to de-clutter an area that, for us ladies especially, is usually a clutter goldmine; your closet. Now my family/boyfriend/friends would be in a fit of laughter if they knew I was giving advice on clearing all the clutter from your life. I’m not known as the tidiest person in the world (I throw the term “creative chaos” around far too often for my own good) but this is the time of the year I like to  clear all the unnecessary things from my life and I promise to lead by example. So if your closet is bursting at the seams (clothes related pun!) this tutorial will tell you how to edit and refine your closet.

So Let’s Get Started!

You Will Need
-Garbage Bags
-The Patience of a Saint (and maybe some tequila)

Firstly, get in the right mind-set. Some people have a very hard time letting go of stuff and this is going to be a long, intense process. Maybe have a drink now.

Take your marker and label six different garbage bags with the words “Trash”, “Charity”, “Friends”, “Sell”, “Alter” and one with a “?”. Place these aside for the moment.

Now it’s time to be ruthless. When editing your closet there are four key questions to ask yourself about each item;


Do I still wear this?
Haven’t worn that velvet jumpsuit since “The Artist Formally Known as Prince” was actually known as “Prince”? Any clothes in your closet that you don’t wear are just wasting space. Find the items that are gathering cobwebs, clear it all out and start again.
Yay!! A legitimate reason to shop!
Yeah… Like you needed one.

Does it fit properly?
Still hanging on to those “skinny” jeans that you had when you were 16 and resembled a toothpick? Now your in you 30’s and have a few more curves? Don’t torture yourself! Get rid of those unrealistic expectations and buy a pair of jeans that not only fit you but make you feel/look amazing! You don’t want to be 16 again! You can stay up as late as you want, you don’t have pimples anymore and you can buy all the vodka you damn-well please… minus the fake I.D.

Is it in wearable condition?
Holes? Rips? Stains? When you wear that once-white (now it’s sort-of a brown-yellow) tee down the street do people slip coins in your take-away coffee cup and wish you the best? When you wear those old pants do people worry you were in some kind of a freak lawnmower accident that left your clothes ripped to shreds? Yep probably time to get new threads. Unless your one of the Olsen Twins… damn those girls know how to rock hobo-chic.

Is it still in style?
Pants that would make MC Hammer cringe may fit and may be in immaculate condition but if you never wear them and they no longer suit your style (I hope not!), put those bad boys back where they belong; The 80’s. Trust me… you don’t want to touch that!


Now while editing your closet, keep these questions in mind.

  • If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions: It’s a keeper! Back in the closet it goes!
  • If you answered ‘no’ to all these questions: Why do you still have this? Get rid of it! NOW!

If you answered a combination of ‘no’ and ‘yes’ to a particular item thats were the garbage bags come in.


Any items that are stained, ripped or damaged beyond repair (regardless of whether you still wear it, how stylish it is and how well it still fits) go straight in the bag marked “Trash”. These will later be thrown out. Note: You can often salvage buttons, ribbons or embellishments from these clothes and use them for future DIY projects.


Any items that you really love but are ill-fitting, place in the bag marked “Alter”. These items can be sent to the tailor for alterations or alternatively if you have a close friend or relative who is a good sewer see if they can help. If your a really good sewer you may even be able to alter some yourself.


Any items that are in good condition but don’t suit your style or may be out of fashion, place in the bag marked “Charity”. These will later be donated to a charity op/thrift shop.


Any items that are not great on you but would suit one of your friends perfectly, place in the bag marked “Friends”. For a fun alternative, you could also organise a clothes-swapping party where you trade clothes you no longer want/need with clothes your friends no longer want/need. If your friends are anything like mine, the tequila will come in handy here too.


Any items that are in immaculate condition (i.e. never been worn) or a piece from a well-known label (in good condition) but don’t really suit you, place in the bag marked “Sell”. Whether it’s on eBay or at your local consignment store, selling a few of your unwanted clothes can give you some extra money to put towards new clothes that suit you better.


Any item that violates one of the above rules but you can manage to part with it, place into the bag marked with a “?”. Place this garbage bag wherever you can fit it in your house/room for three months. Any items you take out and wear can be put back into your closet but any items that still remain after the three month period need to go. When disposing of these items, see above (i.e. if it’s stained it goes in the trash; if it would suit a friend,  give it away; and if it isn’t in style, donate it.)

And You’re Done!

Clean, Neat Closet

Generally I would recommend repeating this process every year, but this could be more/less frequently depending on how much you typically buy. This process may seem like a lot of steps and you may be tempted just to get rid of it all in one shot but the garbage bag system makes sure that your unwanted clothes are serving the widest variety of purposes possible. Selling some clothes gives you some extra money to invest in future pieces, giving to charity helps people who may be unable to afford clothes from retail stores, keeping the clothes your uncertain about for an extra three months stops you from making a decision in haste that you’ll later regret, giving your friends clothes that they will love and wear will make their day and throwing away clothes that are ruined… well, that just needs to be done! Now you’ll have a closet filled with only the things you want/need and a bit of extra room for some new purchases.

Time to go shopping!… But maybe wait till the tequila wears off.

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know :)

Thanks guys!

Award Nomination! Yay!!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Earlier today, I was flattered to be nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Craft It. Bake It.. If you haven’t seen her blog yet definitely check it out… she posts heaps of great recipe ideas and some really cute crafts. Thanks Meg!

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself

So, I am honoured to nominate these fellow bloggers:
1. Pepperbox Couture
2. Frugal Feeding
3. JunkyardCandy
4. Lipstick & Stilletos
5. Inky and Bright
6. Paper + Lace
7. Whim & Wanderlust
8. Illustrious Peacock
9. Very Vintage
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11. Veggiezest
12. Hellkat Designs
13. Over My Styled Body
14. Ashley.Waves.Hello
15. Polaroids & Postcards

I haven’t been blogging long but the 15 blogs above (16 including Craft It. Bake It.) have instantly became my favourites and have provided me with endless hours of inspiration and enjoyment. Thanks guys and keep up the amazing work!

And Finally; Seven Interesting Things About Me:
1. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 12 years… and I’ll never go back!
2. I’m an unashamed bookworm with a HUGE book collection.
3. I refuse to cry in front of anyone.
4. I’m secretly terrified of jellyfish (and I’m kinda scared of babies too!)
5. My middle name is Grace (which is ironic… as I don’t have any)
6. I’m really bad at maths, staying mad at someone and painting my fingernails!
7. I don’t believe in God (but I believe in chocolate, karma and Harry Potter!)

So thanks again to Meg from Craft It. Bake It. for the nomination and I hope you all enjoyed this (slightly random) post!

Love Dorothy XOXO

DIY Inspiration Board {With Google Picasa}

Hi Deerest Friends,

So it’s New Years Eve here and I’ve spent the past few days thinking about what I want to achieve in the New Year. Every year we all have our New Years Resolutions;

“I want to quit smoking”

“I want to save money”

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to get better grades in school”

“I want to make more time for myself”

but we’ve all usually broken them within a week. I am definitely no exception. I start every year with drive and enthusiasm to reach my goal but as time passes on you realise a year is long time to keep up with your newfound motivation. So today’s DIY tutorial is how to create an Inspiration Board using Google Picasa. You simply put pictures on your board of what you want to achieve in the New Year and how you plan to accomplish your goals. By visualising your goals every day this reminds you what your reaching for, how you will accomplish your goals and how great it will feel when you do. For example, my new years resolution is to be healthier and to workout more so I’m creating an inspiration board that reflects this.
*Note: Always aim for a goal this is attainable. Most New Year’s resolutions fail because we put too much pressure on ourselves and aim for a goal that may be too hard to achieve.

Remember: Starting small can lead to big things!

So Let’s Get Started!

You Will Need
-A Computer (with an internet connection)
-Google Picasa (This is free and really simple to download)

Start by using Google Images to find pictures that are relevant to your goal. For example, I found pictures of healthy food, motivational quotes, exercises and my fitness idols to add to my board. Save all of these images to your desktop. You can remove these later.

Step 1

Access the Google Picasa homepage and download a free copy of Google Picasa.

Step 2

Step 2

Once you’ve downloaded Google Picasa add your photos to a new folder. I called mine “Inspiration Board”

 Step 3

 Now select the button “Create Collage”. This will automatically take all your photos and organise them into a collage.

Step 4

Using the toolbar on the left side of the screen you can change the style of you collage.

Step 5

Step 5

Select the style you want your collage to be presented in. I chose the “Mosaic” style.

Once you’ve created your collage, you can make it your computer’s desktop background (if you want to display your inspiration board in a different way skip these steps). Press the “Desktop Background” button and this will save your collage as a jPG file in a new folder, “Collages”.

Step 7

Step 7

Now select your collage and click on the “Create” tab on the top toolbar. Select “Set as Desktop”.

Step 8

When the confirmation message pops up, click “Set Desktop”

Step 9

And You’re Done!

DIY Inspiration Board {With Google Picasa}

This tutorial shows you how to make this inspiration board your desktop background so if you use your computer lots (like me) it reminds you everyday what your aiming for but you could easily print this out and stick it up in your bedroom like a poster. Now you have a inspiration board that makes your goals seem tangible, keeps you focused and reminds you what you’re striving for. Visualising your goal everyday makes you feel accountable and will hopefully keep you motivated in the year to come! 

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know 🙂

Thanks guys and Happy New Year!

The Dorothy Deerest Christmas Wrap-Up!

The Dorothy Deerest Christmas Wrap-Up!

Earlier this month I presented a four-part DIY series; The 12 DIY’s of Christmas.

The 12 DIY's of Christmas

This series featured 12 different DIY homewares, gifts, food and decorations for Christmas time. So it’s the night before Christmas here and I thought I would show you just a few of the ways I put these DIY tutorials into practice throughout the month of December.

-I used my Hand-Stamped Wrapping Paper & Patty Pan Gift Tags for my family’s presents.

-My boyfriend received a Pop-Out Tree Christmas Card.

-My Countdown Calendar provided me with chocolate for 25 days straight and will again for years to come.

-All the food (Rumballs, Chocolate Ripple Cake and the Cookie Christmas Tree) made a special appearance at every Christmas party I went to and the Chocolate Fudge made great gifts.

-Beautiful hand-made ornaments (Easy Paper Ornaments, Glittery Glass Jars and Doily Christmas Lights) were featured throughout my house.

-And my mum used her new Card Clothesline to…um…hang cards

I hope you enjoyed ‘The 12 DIY’s of Christmas’ series, that it inspired you to be creative this Christmas and if you haven’t seen the series yet you can click on the following links to find Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Merry Christmas Deerest Friends!

Love Dorothy XOXO

DIY Chocolate Mousse

Hi Deerest Friends,

Whether it’s summer or winter where you are, there are always times where you desperately need comfort food. You’ve just been dumped. You have PMS. You’ve just finished watching The Notebook after being dumped whilst having PMS. Well I can’t fix those problems but I can promise you that this DIY tutorial will make you feel so much better.

I am a very modest person but I make the best chocolate mousse in the world. Really.

All year long, I get requests from family and friends regarding this mousse. If it weren’t for this mousse they all would have probably stoped talking to me years ago. Now “best chocolate mousse in the world” may sound like a big claim but after you try this you will be agreeing with me. And if you don’t I will ignore you anyway.

So Let’s Get Started!

You Will Need
-3 Mixing Bowls (one large, two medium sized)
-Double Boiler
-Electric Beaters
-Large Metal Spoon
-Serving bowls

For the Chocolate Mousse:
-300g of Good-Quality Chocolate (I use a combination of 150g of Dark, 100g of Milk and 50g of White Chocolate)
-3 Eggs
-¼ cup of Caster Sugar
-1 tbsp of Cocoa Powder
-300ml of Thickened Cream (must be suitable for whipping)
-Grated Chocolate, to serve (this is how I decorate mine but this can be changed)

Using electric beaters, start by whipping your cream in one of the smaller bowls until it forms firm peaks, being careful not to over-beat. Once whipped, put the cream aside for the moment.

Step 1

Break up your chocolate and place it in the top of the double boiler. Place the double boiler (with water in the lower section) on low-medium heat and stir frequently. When the chocolate is smooth and fully melted, take the chocolate off the heat and leave in to cool slightly.

Step 2

Place eggs and sugar in one of the smaller mixing bowls and beat with clean electric beaters for 5 minutes, or until mixture is pale, thickened and doubled in volume.

Step 3

Mix sifted cocoa powder into the egg/sugar mixture and stir well.

Step 4

Fold the cooled chocolate into the egg/sugar/cocoa mixture and stir well. This will cause the mixture to thicken significantly.

Step 5

Now using a large metal spoon, gradually fold the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture and stir well until all the cream has been incorporated.

Step 6

Move the mousse into a serving bowl and smooth out the top using a spoon.

Step 7

Sprinkle grated chocolate over the top of the mousse.

Step 8

Finally cover the bowl with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge.

Step 9

And You’re Done!

DIY Chocolate Mousse

Even though this mousse will leave you with a lot of dirty dishes, it is really easy to make and is ridiculously delicious. This mousse can be made up to three days before serving and the longer it sits in the fridge the better it gets. I use a combination of three different chocolates that give a sweet, rich flavour but you can change this recipe to all dark if you like it really strong to all white (don’t add cocoa powder) if you prefer it sweet. Oh… and if the world does end today/tomorrow (it won’t) at least you will spend your last few moments consuming delicious calories that your won’t have to work off!

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know 🙂

Thanks guys!

Dorothy Goes Global!

Hi Deerest Friends,

It has been just over a month since I started this blog and I am really enjoying getting crafty on a regular basis and sharing it with the world… And I mean the world! I can’t believe how many people have found my little blog from all around the globe.

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my posts as much as I have enjoyed making them!

So after a few days of trying to figure it all out, Dorothy Deerest has taken over the internet (well… not really)!

You can now find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as “dorothydeerest”!

So if you enjoy this blog, you want to see upcoming posts and projects or you have a blog that is similar (I’d love to see your work!) click the links above and join me.

Thanks again 🙂

Love Dorothy XOXO

DIY Typo Quote Poster

Hi Deerest Friends,

I may be making a massive generalisation but people who love craft and DIY usually love Op Shops/ Thrift Shops. You can find the funniest stuff and I love finding older things that you can change and update so they look modern and new. I actually went to an Op Shop Party the other day with friends and the fashion was hilarious yet questionable.

Op Shop Party Op Shop Party Op Shop Party Op Shop Party Op Shop Party

So spending all day in an op shop looking for an awesome outfit inspired me to take something old and revamp it. Today’s DIY tutorial is a really cool graphic/typo poster that is incredibly easy and cheap to make. All you need is to head down to your local thrift store and find an old poster, map or painting. If you can’t find anything suitable you can also use a newspaper or a magazine.


So Let’s Get Started!

You Will Need
-Spray Paint (any colour but black and white look really effective)
-Masking/Electrical Tape
-Your Poster Base (E.g. Panting, Poster, Map, Newspaper, Magazine)

Firstly, find a poster base. The one I’m using is a canvas that I found at an Charity Shop. It has just been half-painted randomly but the colours are really vibrant.

Step 1

Now think of a quote, a sentence or any random words you would like your poster to say. The quote can be anything at all. I’m using the quote “There’s No Place Like Home” because I love The Wizard of Oz and also this is going to make a great house-warming gift for one of my friends.Using the masking/electrical tape, start taping your quote onto your poster base. Just judge where the letters will go by eye.

Step 2

Now use your spray paint to cover the entire poster base until you can’t see the base’s original images anymore. You may need multiple coats to achieve this. Allow plenty of time to dry.

Step 3

Once dried, remove all your masking/electrical tape.

Step 4

And You’re Done!

DIY Typo Quote Poster

This graphic poster has a really cool, urban vibe and is very eye-catching. This would make a great house-warming gift, especially if you have a quote that is personally relevant to your friend. If you can’t think of a quote to use you can use a list such as “New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, [the name of your town/city]”. This is a really versatile project as you can use anything as your poster base. You could use a plain coloured poster board from the craft store, you could paint your own canvas first, reuse some cool wrapping paper or you could use planks of wood…just use your imagination.

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know 🙂

Thanks guys!