DIY Paper Flowers

Hi Deerest Friends,

So I have not done a DIY in forever and ever! Homework and school has been out of control and turned me into somewhat of a nerdy hermit… but I love this blog and I really want to keep bring you some more DIY love! Anyway I though I’d get back into the swing of things with a really nice and simple tutorial, which is creating some paper flowers that are perfect to pretty up almost anything.

So Let’s Get Started!

You Will Need:
-Thin Patterned Paper
-Thicker Card stock (This is to stick the flower to but disregard this if you have something else)
-A Heart Holepunch (If not available use scissors and a heart template)
-A Button
-Glue (Any kind will do but make sure it won’t stain the paper or seep through)

Firstly, use your holepunch to cut hearts out of your thinner patterned paper. There is no exact number you will need as it depends on how large and layered you want your flower to be.
NOTE: The larger the hearts the bigger the flower.

Step 1

Step 2

Now glue the pointy/bottom end of your heart. Don’t put the glue all over.

Step 3

Place all the glued ends of the hearts on your paper (or other object), overlapping in a circular motion each time until you have a full circle of hearts.

Step 4

Repeat the above step with another circular layer over the top.

Step 5

Now slightly bend the top layers up to resemble the form of a flower

Step 6

Finally, glue a button in the middle.

Step 7

And You’re Done!

DIY Paper Flowers

So as you can see above you can apply these paper flowers to just about anything and it’s a really simple way to make anything look pretty. You can make these smaller and larger just by altering the size of your hearts and you can add more layers to make a more intricate flower. I think these would be really beautiful to add to cards or invitations.

If you liked this DIY tutorial comment below and if you have any other DIY ideas you’d like me to attempt let me know!



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