A Public (Christmas) Announcement!

Hi Deerest Friends,

So I usually put out a new DIY tutorial on Monday and Friday every week. But today is Friday (Well… it is here) and I have no new DIY tutorial to share with you.

I know… Time to give up on me. Un-follow. Send me hate mail so aggressive that I will sit in my shower for the next 10 hours, clutching my knees, rocking back-and-forth and weeping like a baby.


I’m not bringing you a new tutorial but 12!! Yes you heard right… 12!!

Over the next four days, starting tomorrow, I’m going to undertake an ambitious project, bringing you 12 new DIY ideas for your Christmas, no matter where you are in the world. Now I know I’m a bit ahead of myself but I thought I’d publish these ideas now so if any thing catches your eye there is plenty of time to make and create before Christmas time.

So stay tuned over the next four days for The 12 DIY’s of Christmas!

The 12 DIY's of Christmas

And please don’t actually send me hate mail… I will cry.


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