7 Great Reasons to DIY!

Before I get started with my long list of DIY tutorials (I’ve got tonnes of great ones planned… so stay tuned), I thought a great post would be giving a few reasons why, in my opinion, DIY is the best!

1. IT’S CHEAPER- Not always but a lot of the time DIY can save you a lot of money. I love designer clothes and accessories but like most of us I don’t have hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend. Through DIY you can emulate these design ideas and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

2. IT’S UNIQUE- Whether it’s making something for yourself or making a gift for someone else, DIY is an amazing way to make beautiful things that are completely unique. Making your own clothes and accessories means you will always be wearing a distinctive, one-off piece that no one else will have. Also, giving someone a hand-made gift means so much more as you put so much time and thought in to making it.

3. IT’S A GREAT CONVERSTAION STARTER- Anyone who makes there own clothes, accessories or homewares probably knows that oh-so-great moment of conversation;

“Oh I love your top/necklace/candle holder. Where did you get it?”

“Oh thanks… I made it!”

Hand-made items are a great conversation piece and not to mention people will think you super creative and talented, which can never be a bad thing.

4. IT’S ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY- Many of the DIY projects that I’m going to be doing on this blog re-use many everyday items such as jars and tins. Re-using and recycling these items stops them from going into landfill, which can take decades to break down.

5. IT’S A WAY TO LEARN NEW SKILLS- Whether it’s sewing or painting, DIY projects help you learn heaps of different skills that are useful for everyday tasks.

6. IT’S A WAY TO KILL BORDOM- We’ve all had one of those rainy days, school holidays or just a day off we’re you are completely listless. A DIY project is a great way to fill in you day and accomplish something great in your spare time.

And finally the most important reason…
7. IT’S FUN- Whether your 9 or 90 most people have some kind of hobby such as knitting or woodwork and it’s obvious why. Being creative and making unique gifts, clothes, food, homewares or accessories is so much fun.


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